Global Business Community Driven ERP

ADempiere is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that is community-driven and provides various functionalities to help businesses manage their operations efficiently.



System Standardization, stability and inteoperability, ,Full Data Visibility, Seamles Integration with third party systems, Independence from hardware and propietary OSS

Long Term Feasibility

Complying with industry standards and using widely available tools that support these standards, for further development and customization.Source Code is publicy available enables long-term development

Lower Cost or Ownership

Software license at no cost, Without upfront license costs or long term maintainance commitments, Reduced costs for development and support, Reduced fees from integrators and service providers.

Its self dependent

Encourages a flexible development process with a greater focus to specific business requirements. Greater participation and collaboration between the service integrator and the end user.Increased responsiveness to address local needs as they are identified. Gives End User requirements priority over supplier's.

Integration with other software systems

he user already has the code available and can further investigate critical points of failure and figure out solution alternatives before it gets to a critical state.